Monthly Breakfasts

Traditional Neighbor Breakfasts

It all started with brainstorming of a dedicated man (former exec dir. Mr. Azmaz and his lovely wife Mrs. Mesrule Azmaz) encouraging his community to start a tradition; hosting monthly breakfasts at the community center. 

The idea has been very simple since then; While our volunteers have been serving delicious, authentic pastries and traditional essentials for a breakfast; community center was decorated to host around 120-150 individuals at the weekend mornings to share joyful conversations, laughter and good time alongside classical Turkish tea. 

We believe that not only it has been igniting so many new friendships, but also strengthening the current ones.

Due to pandemic, we had to give a break to this long lasting tradition but we can assure you to bring back this first and foremost once we are allowed to have in person programs.

Stay safe and please wear mask! 

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