Social Impact

We Believe in difference making.
As Sema, here are some of the service areas we operate in the valley alongside our partners for a better world. It's our privilege to be serving among other Arizonians.

Let's cultivate more HOPE.


Philanthropy / Charity/ Voluntarism Promotion

Philanthropy, Charity & Voluntarism Promotion Organizations concerned with civil society, philanthropy, and the nonprofit sector who seek to promote the practice of charitable giving and voluntarism through a variety of strategies including advocacy, disclosure, information exchange, and research. (rev. 1/05)

Civic Advocacy

It’s the art of creating a collaborative action to serve as an advocate in the interest of the public good. Click Here for more…

Cultural Diplomacy

In Sema, we would love to exchange our cultural richness with whomever walks thru our doors. Click Here for more…


As Sema, we feel obligated to funnel our resources to empower women, our next generation, people fighting against social injustice and immigrants for the advancement of our civilization.. Click Here for more…

Inter-Personal Dialogue

At Sema, we provide an inspiring atmosphere for our patrons, helping them to become better integrated within their local communities. Click Here for more…

Global Awareness

Samuel J. Kirkwood, a well-known behavioral scientist, states that the modern students need to get a global education since they are going to experience a new world order. Click Here for more…