Global Awareness

Global Awareness

Samuel J. Kirkwood, a well-known behavioral scientist, states that the modern students need to get a global education since they are going to experience a new world order. Social global awareness is a conceptual learning that helps an individual to gain pertinent knowledge about cultural, political, ethical, economic, social and environmental issues revolving around the world.

Benjamin Franklin is right to remark, “Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand.” The degree of understanding is directly linked to the method how we receive the information. Since the best training session is the simulation, A study conducted by the social scientists of Harvard University reveals that 77% respondents behaved the same in the real environment as they were trained in the simulation.

However, we cannot create the simulations to certain practicing occurring in the world. Massive killings, human right violations, oppression, child trafficking, and the list goes on. So, how effective can we use the technology to create similar effect to raise awareness to such issues?

The good or bad, it is up to the usage of the technology. There are societies that prefer using these technologies in a better way to communicate and reduce the social differences.

In Sema, in order to help us to make this world a better place for diverse and globalized society, we are offering webinars, workshops, exhibitions, lectures and numerous gatherings to bring the experts or firsthand experienced individuals before our community and not only share their stories but also inspire us to make better choices in our own lives.