Sema Foundation


Sema Foundation operates with 3 committees. To empower each and every community member within their comfort zones, we have gents and ladies divisions of each committees. These divisions work collaboratively for the common goals and tasks of Sema Foundation.

Internal Dynamics

To develop programs for the improvement of (SEMA) community members’ personal, professional and spiritual life.

Experiencing Turkic Culture

Experience and enjoy the multi-cultural richness in the diverse cultural setting of United States of America by introducing, informing, and promoting the Turkic culture to the people of United States with organizing various activities.

Spiritual Development

In Sema, our spiritual development is essential to our well being and we believe with  the help conversation series, retreat camp and prayer times we believe we can continue to get better collaboratively.

Strengthening Relationships

Sema Community is such a big extended family and Internal Dynamic Committee feels responsible to keep community together via updating community members for news about families, coordinating assistance to the new comers, offering various programs and events where community members engage family friendly events and enjoy being a Sema community member.


Hospitality is one of the main features of Sema Community and Internal Dynamics Committee is at the heart of it. Whether its events like neighbor’s breakfasts or festivals, The committee- with its leadership and coordination abilities- make sure guests are treated well deservingly and leave the event with memorable experience.

Charity & Relief

Throughout the year, Sema partners with various relief organizations to help the people in need. Internal Dynamics Committee members take the lead to coordinate our community to provide the utmost help during difficult times.

Education Services

Assisting future’s brilliant minds with their character development and organizational skills.

Beyond The Bell Program

Education Services Committee assures highest standards for Beyond The Bell Program.

Youngster Mentorship Program

Youngster Mentorship Program supports one-to-one mentoring relationships that encourages youth to challenges themselves to simply be better. Education Services Committee provides resources to the mentors and all parties in order for them offer a variety of engaging programs from personal development workshops to field trips. 

Youth Council

We believe in youth is the solution to some issues and we want to empower them by enlightening their path on their journey to their dreams, educating their parents and giving them voice to rise up to the challenge to tackle some of the problems.


Form a network to find sustainable solutions to public conflicts and misunderstandings

Tea & Talk

Sema Foundation Tea & Talk Series is one of the flagship events of Sema Foundation for the last 5 seasons. 3 Panelists from different faiths respectively share their religion’s perspectives about the designated subject…

Representing Sema Community

Sema Foundation has been represented at various platforms by Dialogue Committee members throughout the year voluntarily.

Partnership Events

Friends of Mary, Project Humanities Events, Interfaith Thanksgiving Service are just some of the events Sema collaborates with an amazing organization.

Intra-Faith Events

Sema Foundation is a Muslim organization and we are proud to partner with organizations such as Tempe Islamic Center, Good Tree Institute and Arizona Islamic Speakers Association for the betterment of Muslim community in the Valley.