Conversation Club

Conversation Club Series is a year long series of events to discuss about the life itself; via reading holy scriptures or articles together or; simply exchanging opinions. 

We try to find answers to important questions via forming discussion groups, hosting experts and much more. 

If you are interested; send us a message expressing briefly about yourself and we will contact you soon. 

*Due to pandemic, We meet online and continue to inspire one another. 

Stay safe and please wear mask! 


Fountain Magazine

In an age of overspecialization in learning and over-indulgence in day-to-day occupations, The Fountain’s discourse refers to an overarching coverage of the human life with content as diverse and rich as the human life itself, yet with a common thread and pattern that is neatly knitted all the way through our diverse departments under humanities and sciences.

The Fountain is a composition from which our inner calling echoes, a reflection of what is not always visible to the eye, or a response to the yearning deep in the heart and mind which sometimes finds its definition best expressed in a poem, and at other times in a journey into outer space or through the veins of the human body. It is reading the universe, the major book of creation, and making sense out of it by way of the manual of Divine guidance. The Fountain is an effort to try and see the reality through the veils of apparent causes and to obtain our share from each phenomenon, each of which is a letter enclosed with a message addressing us.

Stay Tuned with Updates