Why The Name Sema

The Origin The word “Sema” means “the sky”; it also has meanings like “hearing” and listening”.
The Content As a term it means whirling around one’s self and making movements in ecstasy under the influence of beautiful tunes. The History Sema is a form of worship like praying. It is a meaning of acquiring closeness to Allah or a form of worship, expressed in movement and dance form manifested by acquiring closeness to Allah. Sema was performed in ancient shamanistic times also. There is serious information that whirling stimulates, accelerates and deepens trance. The Resource Sema which developed in Islamic Sufism has a philosophical depth and an explanation within this path. This is not just whirling; it is an inclination towards the heart. As we all know the Transcendent Excellence of Allah has proclaimed that
“ The universes cannot contain my greatness, but I can reside in the heart of a believer.”
The Reason why we choose the name; is because we are striving to be an organization

which serves to the people who share the common “sky”; via human dialogue*, progressive education* and judgement free hospitality* regardless of whoever they claim to be.
We Believe As Sema is an effort to inclination towards the heart, we want to be with beautiful people who have a seat for every person in their heart. We’d love to share Divine Love, while listening to you, collaborating with you and learning from you. We know We want to stimulate compassion, spread kindness and love. We want to accelerate betterment of our society, And,; we want to deepen in our understanding of purpose of life, diversity and being “human”. The Act Join and Let’s share some quality time on this journey which some call; life. Let’s refresh our humanness together. Let’s begin making a difference, in ourselves, in our society;