Past Events

Covid-19 Vaccine – Virtual Seminar

Virtual Gathering Hall

With the arrival of Long awaited vaccination for Covid-19, there also comes some questions. If you would like to know about the Covid-19 vaccination, its side affects, availability and other information, you are invited to our Virtual Seminar.

Digital Footprints – What you need to know

Virtual Gathering Hall

The discussions on the Social Media applications, their safety and users options have became popular lately due to WhatsApp privacy terms change and recent developments. In these circumstances, what should we know and do? If you want to learn more about the our digital footprints Join to our Seminar

Get Tested, Protect Your Family

Tucson Office 2843 N Alvernon Way, Tucson

Sema Foundation is organizing a free COVID-19 testing to anybody in the community age 5 or older on February 6 from 10am to 2pm through partnerships with Pima County Health Department and International Rescue Committee. You can get tested even if you do not have symptoms. These sites offer the “PCR” test that can let you know if you have…

Education Seminars – Necmettin Mutlu

Virtual Zoom Link

As a part of Sema Education Seminars, we are happy to host a distinguished guest, Dr. Necmettin Mutlu, who conducted academic and social studies on Turkish families in the United States. He will hold a seminar about how to inspire young people to gain goals.

Cemil Tokpinar – Seminar

Virtual Gathering Hall

To realize the importance of 3 Months, which is the holy period, in its full meaning, We invite all our friends to our conversation by Cemil Tokpınar on Saturday, February 13, at 8 pm. The conversation will be about "For the people of service in the Hijrah, the aspects of the three months looking at our personal development and our…

Book Talk: ‘A Genocide in the Making?’ by Bulent Kenes

Virtual Gathering Hall

Professor Richard Anderson of UCLA Political Science discusses with author Bulent Kenes about his book and his motivations. ‘Erdoğan government is undertaking a brutal crackdown against the participants of a civic group, namely the Hizmet (service) movement, with the deliberate intention of destroying this social group, in whole or in part. In this extensive research, Dr. Keneş argues that this…

Jesus: Word and Spirit of God

Virtual Gathering Hall

A Catholic - Muslim Dialogue Virtual Event We are inviting everybody to "Jesus: Word and Spirit of God" seminar and discussion on 27th February, 2021 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Register at This important diaolgue will invite us to undertsand and respect one another's faith perspectives regarding: Jesus, the word and spirit of God as based on the Bible and…

Education Seminar – Adem Akinci

Virtual Gathering Hall

As a part of Sema Education Seminars, we are happy to host a distinguished guest, Dr. Adem Akinci. He will hold a seminar about how to raise a child abroad.

Conversation Partnership Night

Virtual Gathering Hall

Sema Foundation has initiated a community engagement program called Conversation Partners where two individuals with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds meet regularly to talk about their topic of interest. The Conversation Partners program brings people together with the opportunity to know one another at a more personal level. These partnerships have turned into great friendships over time. If you would…

Community Suhoor

Chandler Office 325 N Austin Dr Suite #4, Chandler

We are delighted to invite you to the community suhoor.